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Meet our Members

Meet Richard Kleri- Club President

It only seems right to start with Richard, as our very first Club President which he was nominated for, and graciously accepted.

As President, Richard has a lot of responsibilities in our club.

He is essential in leading our club meetings, strategizing and implementing current and future events, keeping us all on task and working towards the goals of the club, and helping kids in our community.

He goes above and beyond and has been to almost (if not all) events we have been involved in, and he always answers the call first when volunteers are needed. He also graciously hosts one of our two meetings a month.

He has lived in the area all his life and in North Dumfries for over 30 years. Raised in a farming community, volunteering to help a neighbour when in need was something he always did. His sons learned to volunteer when in Scouts and have carried that on in life. He joined Kiwanis to support the children in his community, especially those less privileged so that they can have a happy healthy upbringing.

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